Our Mission

Our mission here at EhTv Network is to educate, entertain, connect and inspire change-makers across Nigeria who are committed to increasing social acceptance of LGBTQ people by providing a platform to share and amplify their messages and voices.

This gives creatives the freedom to create and share their content with audiences in a country like Nigeria where content distribution is a huge bottleneck, especially for LGBT-themed content. On this platform, creatives will be able to share their content  -short and feature-length, documentaries, series, podcasts - and make a living too! More than just a place to share content, EhTv Network is a platform that helps to create more representation of Nigerian LGBTQ life in the Nigerian digital film industry. 

Our platform galvanizes change-makers to create for change and shape the narratives in their own way, their own voice, and be heard. Part of our mission is to not just provide a platform for digital content but to also create original LGBTQ-themed content that is inspired by real-life experiences of LGBTQ Nigerians.

Join us today as we pave the way in using digital content media through collaborations to advocate for equality, fairness, and LGBTQ presentation in Nigerian media.